Requested Strain ID: WDCM 00058


Filamentous Fungi and Yeasts --> Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Strain ID:

ATCCâ„¢ 9763; B 42428; BCRC 20822; CBS 2978; CCM 8191; CCRC 20822; CECT 1383; CICC 33033; DSM 1333; IHEM 3961; MUCL 30115; NBIMCC 541; NCTC 10716; NCYC 87; NRRL Y-567; UMIP 1432.83;


Standard ID Description
ISO 11133 Microbiology of food, animal feed and water -- Preparation, production, storage and performance testing of culture media
EN 1650 Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics -Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of fungicidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics used in food, industrial, domestic, and institutional areas - Test method and requirements (phase 2, step 1) (1998)

Handbook of Culture Media for Food and Water Microbiology(3rd):

     No culture media used in the detection or enumeration