Requested Strain ID: WDCM 00016


Bacteria --> Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis

Strain ID:

ATCC™ 19435; BCRC 12312 ; BU 302; CCM 1877; CCTM 3105; CCUG 7980; CECT 185; CGMCC 1.1936; CICC 6246; CIP 70.56; CNCTC Str N 25/58; DSM 20481; HNCMB 80146; LMG 6890; NBIMCC 3702; NCFB 604; NCIMB 6681; NCTC 6681; USCC 1394;


Standard ID Description
ISO 7899-2 Water quality - Detection and enumeration of intestinal Enterococci - Part 2: Membrane filtration method (2000)
ISO 11133 Microbiology of food, animal feed and water -- Preparation, production, storage and performance testing of culture media
ISO 13720 Meat and meat products - Enumeration of Pseudomonas spp. (1995)
NF V 04-503 Meat and meat products - Enumeration of lactic bacteria (1988)
ISO 10932:2010 Milk and milk products — Determination of the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) of antibiotics applicable to bifidobacteria and non-enterococcal lactic acid bacteria (LAB)

Handbook of Culture Media for Food and Water Microbiology(3rd):

Rogosa agar
L-S Differential (LSD) agar
M 17 agar
Xylose Lysine Deoxycholate (XLD) agar
M-Enterococcus (ME) agar
Citrate AzideTween Carbonate (CATC) agar
Membrane Lactose Glucuronide Agar (MLGA)
Thallous acetate Tetrazolium Glucose (TlTG) agar
Bile Aesculin Agar (BAA)
Kanamycin Aesculin Azide (KAA) agar
Brilliant Green Bile (BGB) broth
de Man, Rogosa and Sharpe agar with sorbic acid (MRS-S agar)
Briggs agar
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